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    Every year we help hundreds of children and students of all ages and abilities to achieve their potential. Many achieve exam success to gain admissions or scholarships to the most competitive schools and universities; others are provided with specialist tuition to help them adapt to a new educational system or to overcome a...

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  • Consultancy


    Bonas MacFarlane Consultants are highly regarded for their advice on school and university selection. In our full Placement Service we take parents methodically through all the stages of finding the right place for their child. We have placed hundreds of children into all the top nurseries, schools and universities.

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  • Mentoring


    Our Academic Mentors motivate, guide and advise children and build their confidence. Even at the most competitive schools and universities, children benefit from outside mentorship to ensure that they are gaining the most from their education. This service is especially useful for overseas families.  As part of this service...

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Please call us to discuss your family's tutoring requirements and to book a tutor. If you would prefer to make an online enquiry, please use our client enquiry form.

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Latest News

  • New Programs

    New Programs


    Bonas MacFarlane Education Kazakhstan is happy to announce new programs in Chinese, English, Kazakh, Music and Film Studies. These start in September 2015. 

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  • Winchester & Sherborne successes

    Winchester & Sherborne successes


    Bonas MacFarlane Education Kazakhstan is always ready to help with School placement aiming only for the best schools in UK and USA. We are very proud to share the great news that two of our pupils have recently gained places at top British independent schools.

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  • Yale graduate joins Bonas MacFarlane

    Yale graduate joins Bonas MacFarlane


    We are very proud to announce a new join of a highly qualified tutor who is a graduate of Yale University with a MA in East Asian Studies, and a BA as a double major in Socio-Cultural Anthropology and Contemporary Dance from University of Washington.

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summer camp
Parents are reverential and pay tribute to the professionalism and care taken. ‘Everyone has been of extremely high quality,’ we were told. ‘They’re especially good at studying techniques and they have people who truly understand individual difficulties. We’re very impressed not only with individual tutors but also with their capacity to work, where necessary, as a team...